sábado, 11 de julio de 2009

Exile - Poema


(c) Mario Aguilar Benitez

Away from the centre, moving circles
Of fire, water, light, obscurity
Away from the centre to the periphery
And anti-periphery of the moon.

Created planet, not contained in states
Or countries or nations or places of birth
Non-sense of flags and songs and preferred looks,
Only a common humanity, a desolate land.

I move because my spirit moves away
Not because there are frontiers and I write
Not to justify fame or anti-matter
But to express hope and sorrow.

I move from centre to periphery and further
I follow the indications of thinking and feeling
Not the possibility but the fact, red fact,
That poetry is life and life is not here
... that life that from now, life of the spirit.

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